Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Review: Soap&Glory's Smoothie Star Body Milk

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Hi Guys,

So today I am going to be reviewing and talking abit about this new purchase of mine. It's Soap&Glory's Smoothie Star Deep Moisturising Body Milk.

I picked this up from Boots for £10 but Soap&Glory items are currently on 3 for 2!!

I saw this on Youtube last week in somebody January Favourites and I was SO intrigued by it and for me to be intrigued in a body moisturiser is very strange as I never use body moisturisers as all ones I've previously tried leave my skin too greasy, and when your in a hurry and need to get dressed to start your day, the last thing you want is your body feeling all oily/greasy!

Before buying this purchase on the day I did, I firstly smelt it in Boots as I wanted to actually smell this product because I heard the smell was so amazing and OH MY GOOD it IS soooo amazing!!!

I was very intrigued by this item because it displays the word "milk" on the bottle, which to me, makes me think it will be a lovely milky consistency which will leave your skin soft and luscious ! And it SO DOES! :D

It contains, Almonds, Coco, Yogurt, Oats and Honey which create a gorgeous smell.

It's claims on the bottle "IRRESISTIBLE Almonds, Oats and Brown Sugar Scent"

It's smells like cookie dough but not in a sickly/biscuity way, it's smells so delicious!!

I can honestly tell you guys I am SO in love with this product. It is by FAR the best body moisturiser I've EVER tried and I've tried many!!

The rich, none greasy formula is a cream colour, it's not a thick cream it's kind of in the middle between a thick and thin consistency, which is perfect.

On the bottle it says it contains a "Waterlock" moisture trapping matrix.

It's rubs into the skin so easily and absorbs quickly too and doesn't leave you with that greasy, sweaty feeling on your skin and the bonus of this product is of course you smell absolutely gorgeous and your skin is left as smooth as a baby's! And I know this as my son's skin is so pure and soft!

My skin since using this product looks so much better. My skin now LOOKS smooth and feels smooth too. I use this from the neck down and I can honestly say, my skin has never felt this lovely.

So I diffidently recommend you guys trying this product out if you like body creams etc!! If you don't like smells that are not like a perfume smell then maybe this isn't for you as it does smell like cookie dough but it's amazing!! 

Thank you for reading guys and if you've tried this or want to, let me know down below :D

Much love

x x Shell x x


  1. love this review shell, going to get it and try it out as my vaseline coco butter is nearly all gone.

    yay am the first to comment xxx

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  3. Hi Shelley, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!! Please visit my blog for further details :) xx